Tech Edge
by fKd
Tech Edge by fKd

My first thought upon entering this map was: This is Absolutely Gorgeous! and I was not disappointed. This level has everything you want in a small to medium FFA from hiding spots, to glass floors and an awesome layout that stimulates player movement and shoot outs across all axes. fkd has drawn his textures from a wide variety of sources to create an environment that is not only consistent but totally believable and the brushwork is just amazing. If there were any clipping issues on this map I have to say I did not notice.

All weapons are available bar the BFG and power-ups include Regen, MegaHealth, medikit and personal teleport. Also included are 2 yellow armours. The item placement is beautiful and while critics might argue there are too many weapons and power-ups it creates a perfect spread across the map preventing any one player from controlling. So even if there are disparities in skills between players the layout should help to even things out. Resident bots are Doom, Grunt and Major and an arena file is included. Low end machines may have trouble loading this level if there is anyone out there playing on a rig that is really old and clunky.

Tech Edge was inspired by The Edge (from Quake 2) but has ended up looking and playing nothing like it. Start your downloading! I can already tell this level is going to be a classic and I can honestly say this is one of the best small FFA levels ever made for Quake III Arena - I can not imagine any Quake III player not wanting to keep this level on their hard drive.

Reviewed by Mark

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (42 votes)

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