PadGarden by ENTE

We're back in the Land of the Giants again. The setting is a small cluttered backyard, there is a even a little pond complete with a floating boat. The attention to detail, ambient sounds and custom textures all work well in creating our little virtual backyard but when your done looking around.. the gameplay just sucks. Framerates are way too low and while bot play is ok, it gets dull quick. Details like the condom package and matchbox jump pads are cool but the real challenge would be to create a map with this kind of satisfying detail AND kickarse gameplay.


Update: The download is for the second version of PadGarden, released in Jan, 2001. The review was for the original version. The changes between the two version include new sounds, textures and some layout improvements. 22nd Feb, 2011

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (41 votes)

Download: PadGarden by ENTE