Eat Steak
Eat Steak by Shallow[BAP]
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Tig Rep. 1712
#4   24 days ago
@sedawkgrep : Both have the notfree 1flag. Only appear in Team DM games.

In the main atrium, the MegaHealth is below the teleport and the Heavy Armour is suspended, reachable from a launch pad. From the review screenshot, the MegaHealth appears in the bottom left and the Heavy Armour is kind of to the right of where the shot was taken.

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sedawkgrep Rep. 228
#3   25 days ago
There's a red armor and megahealth in the entities list. Anyone know where they might be?
Edited 57 seconds after the original posting.
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Shallow[BAP] unregistered
#2   16 Feb 2001
Thanks. The name is from a song by The Reverend Horton Heat.
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Dak Powers unregistered
#1   15 Feb 2001
Very nice, I love the name =)
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