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Geniraul Rep. 1474
#80   21 days ago
A week ago I made another video regarding this map, this time showing where and what all the hidden gems on PADSHOP are, for both the Q3 and WoP versions.

It still amazes me how different the characters in behind the monitor secret zones in the correspondent games are — the coconut monkey toy (which looks more like a large bird to me, to be honest :]) in Quake 3 and the alien scientist in World of Padman 🐵👽 What's also interesting is that the monkey only appears in the Q3 version of the level, I assume this is connected to the back then promo of PC Gamer. When I load the Q3 PADSHOP with Padmod, the toy looks different comparing to its Quake version.

The rocket flight is a true journey and feels very fun, but I must admit that it would have taken me quite a while to reveal this secret, if it wasn't for Findus' Imperius speedrun YT compile video. I also appreciate the balance between the hidden BFG and Imperius in Q3A and WoP respectively.

EDIT: I was reminded about one even more secret on this map that was not included in the aforementioned video, so I decided to record another one showing the disc drive secret and comparing its versions in Q3 and WoP: rumble.com/v51k4mr...-of-padman.html In the original Quake 3 version of the level you can get an Invulnerability item, while its World of Padman companion brings to you a Revival.
Edited 19.3 days after the original posting.

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Geniraul Rep. 1474
#79   11 May 2024
@Tig I just made a video showing/comparing the two different versions of the Eeaster egg in Q3 and WoP correspondently, so thought I'd share it here C:

The WoP version of the Doom poster says 'BOOM' and has Doomguy replaced with Monster Hawk. It also has a small screamer of the mentioned character instead of the imp behind the lattice :}

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Tig Rep. 1712
#78   13 Nov 2023
@Geniraul - Wow, I never noticed that. Thank you. What is really interesting is the poster is for Doom, but you end up the intro for Doom II (just like you said).

Still, a very nice secret. Yep, the tag can stay :)

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Geniraul Rep. 1474
#77   13 Nov 2023
@Tig If you jump into the Doom cover under the American McGee's Alice's cover, you will be teleported to an area that is a remake of Doom II's Entryway. Of course, only the very basic parts of the level were remade for this map (it was improved later in the WoP version), but I assumed that was enough to add this tag :)
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Tig Rep. 1712
#76   13 Nov 2023
@Geniraul : You added the tag Remake - Doom for this release, why? I can not find a connection or justification for that.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#75   01 Sep 2020
don't really get all the hate for the padmaps in the comments section. The padman action figures are wonderful examples of 3-D modelling, and the network of pads has a high learning curve to master navigating the level for optimal item and weapon pick ups: something one should expect from a "pad" level. There is an art and a strategy to navigating the level in a way so as to avoid exposure to the floor "hot lava" style. It's not as easy as it looks to move through the entire level top to bottom and end to end using only the portals and pads, while avoiding the floor. My criticisms are with a couple of the item choices. The railgun at the top of the map (closest the sales counter) is way too easy to grab; I actually would have swapped it out with the plasma gun in the bottom cupboard. And maps like this can always do with a flight or two. Sighting is always an issue on a map like this, but aside from sniping, gameplay is either hide and seek through the cupboards and shelves or mid air rails and rockets to the landings from the pads themselves which can be frustrating, but also something that can be mastered with the time. I think a lot of the issues with fragging presented in the Q3 format are mitigated by some of the padworld specific items like the jumper (which could get you from the pc desk to the counters and shelves, or up the display cabinet with the red shelves) and killer ducks, so I would be keen to give this a try in the padworld mod.
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vortexbeast Rep. 312
#74   03 Feb 2019
Hilarious map with cool/funny details and surprises. Take the rocket ride for sure! This is a top novelty map. Maybe #1. I actually worked on a few of these games so seeing them here is kind of creepy but cool too. Never saw this level in its day. Fun stuff!
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CZghost Rep. 1681
#73   20 Mar 2012
I like the maps they make you feel like a mouse or rat...
Will try soon as possible (school have more priority)
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nick13 Rep. 32
#72   12 Mar 2012
i love this kind of maps. Very Retro.
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#71   23 Jan 2012
Normally i hate these kind of maps but to be honest, This map is fantastically created. 10/10.
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shrink unregistered
#70   18 May 2011
Reply for comment #66: jump on the small window in the rocket.
sorry my bad english
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Winfal unregistered
#69   02 May 2011
(Just note that there's a spoiler coming.) I discovered a cool glitch.

The computer monitors are portals. If you are fragged at the exact moment you enter the portal, you will respawn at the other end.

Love this map.

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SW12 unregistered
#68   24 Jun 2010
I would have thought ENTE made The map Bouncin 'Tween Da Boxen. i was searching for it a long time ago.
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#67   22 Jun 2010
Very well made map, lot of fun, but hard to frag in !
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SW12 unregistered
#66   27 Apr 2010
The Coconut Monkey is cute. How the hell did it get in the Secret Wild area?! Anyways nice work. Including Entryway from Doom 2. PS, How do you get in the rocket?!! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!
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naglz unregistered
#65   07 Oct 2009
love this map
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fran unregistered
#64   27 Jun 2009
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FuKmRaW unregistered
#63   02 Jan 2009
I can't get any of the pad maps to run on Urban Terror 4.1 when setting up my own server but they run fine when I join on-line. Does anyone know the reason?
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Tig Rep. 1712
#62   09 Apr 2007
Xholicslayer: Looks like the old Padman site has changed. The URL link has been updated to: www.worldofpadman.com/
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Xholicslayer Rep. 0
#61   09 Apr 2007
ENTE, I tried downloading some of your maps (padpool, padhome, padcastle, padcrash) but they are just screenshots, they won't load the map. Is your website sorta glitched or something?
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Wakey unregistered
#60   09 Dec 2004
Hey Ente's Pad Maps are so cool,I CANT DESCRIPE!

Sorry for my bad english

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not entered unregistered
#59   25 Jan 2004
havent tried it yet .. thats why im trying to download it ... Geez .. dont web designers think things thru instead of tryign to pry personal info
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Corporate ZIM unregistered
#58   01 Oct 2002
Awesome map - no problems except bots don't travel in the rocket! The secrets are more obvious than in padgallery.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#57   24 Feb 2002
Oh yeah... Zarathustra, you should stick to comments specifically about the map to save yourself looking stupid. If you don't like the map fair enough but this is one of the most imaginative maps I have ever seen, the fact that the style of map has been around for a while isn't very relevent to the creativity required to make the map in question. That's like saying authors should stop making space maps because there is no way to make a space map more creative and original than any that have preceded it. If you don't like liliputian maps then don't download them.
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<SuX0r> unregistered
#56   24 Feb 2002
This map is cool, runs v slow on my system but it looks amazing and from my little run-around seems like it plays fairly well. Obviously I can't really comment 'til I've played some people on it but the jump pads make the level a lot faster to get around and it looks like a lot of fun to play. Good work, I'll be downloading it again as soon as I've upgraded my cpu :).
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Gorgonzola unregistered
#55   16 Nov 2001
sweet map. although it runs mega slow on my computer. the attention to detail is amazing. im gunna go check out the other Padmaps now :)
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Mikie unregistered
#54   28 May 2001
Zarathustra, Ente has done 9 maps for Quake 3. 4 of them are liluptian and 5 of them are normal scale.

The first two map are actually gothic maps like the large percent you see here on LVL.

As for creativity. Try to make such a map yourself. It doubtful that more than a very very select few could have pulled off something like padshop.

There are many more factors involved in such a map than, "reproducing cereal boxes."

It's frankly an asinine statement on your part.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#53   25 May 2001
Double post -- ack! :(
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Zarathustra unregistered
#52   25 May 2001
Ok, well, to each his own, obviously. But I think one guy below hit the nail on the head when he wanted to see some more creativity rather than reproducing cereal boxes and things like that. Not that it wasn't creative to do the Pad maps in the first place. The idea of it was definitely creative. But maybe we can move on? Or perhaps I grossly underestimate the appetite for things like this. It could be...

It does seem that ENTE has the "Liliputian map" market cornered. And he has taken this idea pretty far...can ENTE do something else besides miniaturizing maps? This is what the inquiring minds want to know.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#51   25 May 2001
Ok, well, to each his own, obviously. But I think one guy below hit the nail on the head when he wanted to see some more creativity rather than reproducing cereal boxes and things like that. Not that it wasn't creative to do the Pad maps in the first place. The idea of it was definitely creative. But maybe we can move on? Or perhaps I grossly underestimate the appetite for things like this. It could be...

It does seem that ENTE has the "Liliputian map" market cornered. And he has taken this idea pretty far...can ENTE do something else besides miniaturizing maps? This is what the inquiring minds want to know.

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brimmie unregistered
#50   22 May 2001
I love this map, i love how it plays with bots, i love how it plays online with my friends, it is fun to have sniper wars, i hate how everyone is down on railing. It is great for hiding, especially fun with mods like urban terror. Bots play decent but can be predictable, basically i just like it and think the design is awesome, love the throw backs, secrets, and effex. I think this mapper has some great skills and everyone who looks for little box maps that have not interesting side except perfect playability and non stop rocket action and stocked items or whatever it is you guys look for, is silly. This map is fun and it rules, damn it is a game this map is just fun. Good job. gets a 10
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Sketch unregistered
#49   20 May 2001
I give it a nine, cuz hey, NOONE is perfect:-) I have to laugh at all the jealous, envious people reading and writing to these reviews.

You can rant and rave simply because its not your "cup of tea.."

Thats fine, but when you put others work down out of pure jealousy, thats just being a kid.

True criticism isnt hurtful, its an abundant explanation as to why the level is not your "bag".

So you dont like the map, fine. Im sure if your a mapper you've made something others think is crap also. We ALL do. Its a subjective world, get used to it.

The childish put downs and digs at other mappers is pretty lame, and shows your maturity, or lack there of. And BTW, when you "critics" get thru WHINING about ENTE and his lack of skill, well, why dont you tell us how many covers of a MAJOR PC MAGAZINE YOUR MAPS have been on?

Oh....thats what I thought....


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Mikie unregistered
#48   18 May 2001
Yep, Daytrader, I agree.

I heard from Ente not to long ago and he pretty much said he wasn't going to be doing anymore liteput levels.

Better eat this one up. It's doubtful that anyone will ever make a similar style level that will out do this one.

Technically this level is really an amasing accomplishment. The amount of detail and work that Ente put into is is increadable.

Some mappers might complain about not liking this type of level. They would probably say they would never bother to make something like this. The truth is it's a lot harder to make a level like that then one might think. It's a total fight with the editor to keep the r_speeds down.

Here's to Ente and a truely kick ass level.


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Daytrader unregistered
#47   16 May 2001
i love this map and i have over 500 custom maps, i only wish there was more original maps like it, thats all
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Pingu unregistered
#46   15 May 2001
Amazing, I dissapear for donkeys and people still remember me; so, whoever you are Hi-C, cheers #8¬).

The map itself is a good peice of experimentation, just the kind of thing PCG likes to slap on its covers, so there's nothing against it. Sure, it doesn't play too hot, but a good enough effort if Toy Story 3 happens to be rendered in the Q3 engine.

Now you've proven you can use the tools well Ente, show us what you can do play wise eh? By the looks of it you could be able to produce something that works pretty well.


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nunuk unregistered
#45   14 May 2001

now that's the kind of comment that could make me prefer ente's work instead of any hardcore levels.

a good thing that id tried to experiment new concepts in q3, otherwise i would have certainly been bored to death by now. :D

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Hi-C unregistered
#44   14 May 2001
Not my cup of tea, but it's technically beautiful so congratulations to Ente.

For anyone who remembers what DM was (and is, if you still play Quakeworld), this type of map is largely what's wrong with the current incarnation. Big open spaces, encouraging nothing more than use of zoom and rail -- and the very antithesis of architecturally complex and gameplay-intensive mapping personified by, say, Headshot or Pingu. You can hardly blame Ente. This genre descends directly from the bland slack-jawed form known as the space map. It's the mapping equivalent of paint-by-numbers.

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0nefragleft unregistered
#43   14 May 2001
thanks never knew aboutthe PCGAMER rocket and Doom box secrets! found those, a temple-like place with the coconut monkey, and a drawer with toys and games in it now. Anyone know of any more secrets?? This map rules!
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Immortal unregistered
#42   14 May 2001
Hi Ente

Seems your map is a kind of love/hate map

Personnally , I don't mind about the low fps , I think as it s now more than a year q3 were released , and as computers and constantly getting more power , why would we stay in the same fps standards ? Id shown the way with team arena .one true thing is your map seems to forget everything about vis blocking stuff .I'm also decieved about the copy of reality , one runtfest would have been enough

Except that , I must say I enjoyed to see some people continue thinking about Doom , reference to the small teleporter in the doom cd Box

We had some games on your map with the klesks(my clan :) ) and it was funny .Gameplay were mostly hiding behind game boxes and shoting enemy with railgun

Even with these copies of the real world , you're definitivly one of the best mappers around

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Jeltz unregistered
#41   14 May 2001
I have a celerion 450 and a TNT and the map doesn't run too bad with vertexlight.
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Takeshi666 unregistered
#40   14 May 2001
PII 333 and Voodoo3 3000AGP. No hope.
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nunuk unregistered
#39   12 May 2001
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ENTE unregistered
#38   12 May 2001
...more wore as fun and...

I mean; more work as fun..:)

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ENTE unregistered
#37   12 May 2001
Hi nunuk,

thanks, I understand what you mean and I think you are right with the most.

But how I wrote I made all the maps for the gamer and at the time, the most like this PadMaps and I like it, when many peoples play and love my maps, this is my honor.

I got some offers to work as a professionel level designer, but this is not what I need, not really.

I'm an german cartoonist and I like my job. To make maps is an hobby, not more...

But in the last time, this is more wore as fun and at the moment I'm really tired. You know I made 9 big PadMaps for Q3, 4 PadMaps convertions to EF (with new design) and much more in the last one year...this was really damn hard and now I need a little bit holliday from all of this...at the time I work on a new PadCenter and PadGallery version and when this maps are final I must see what I can do. It's time for a new way, I know this...!!


"Popular" does not mean "good"... I know this (see StarWars Epsiode1..gg) but I think, my work is good, my textures and design feeling are good too, but my gamply feeling...hehe..no coment...;)

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nunuk unregistered
#36   12 May 2001
hmm got to answer to mister pimpman. some of those dear fellows are just trying to explain that for once, you could rely more on your own imagination instead of always being inspired by realism. you're able to put so much effort in a single map, i would have liked to see more of what you have in your own brain, not just reproducing forms and volumes...your own imagination and creativity.

if you decide to work into the gaming industry, in short term, you'll need to train your imagination more than your mapping knowledge. you perfectly know how to make maps, why not find original concepts? and it has nothing to do with gothic, forget about gothic.

i love your maps because of the work it represents, because of the tricks and stuff, i had fun in them, especially in this one, you best one to date... and your work is truly different, but now show us a bit more of your own soul, instead of only showing us your technicity.

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GuitarMan unregistered
#35   12 May 2001

"Popular" does not mean "good". Number of downloads doesn't mean anything; some people download things from the net "just because those things are there".

If you like this map or not, or what do you think about it, that's another question.

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Neotic unregistered
#34   12 May 2001
My God! Quake is a game. Mapping is fun! Just live and let live, have fun and play map you do like.
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GrindSpire unregistered
#33   12 May 2001
Posted by mikie:

" You can do anything, anything with this engine. The sky is the limit. You all should be encouraging maps that look different or have some extra bit of creativity in them."

We are. That's why we are saying we don't like this map.

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ENTE unregistered
#32   12 May 2001
Hey guys,

thanks for the many 'nice' words...:)

It's really funny to read some of the coments, because this is the PadMap number 9 and I think the most peoples must know what they get when download a PadMap.

I'm more an artist, I need it, to make visual fun maps for many peoples. I like details, jokes and effects in my maps...I love food for my eyes and I play with full details...;)

I work with scanning textures, with textures from grafic programs and with textures from other games, I'm not a texturmaker, when I'm making a map, I'm only a designer, this is my intesity.

I think, the most peoples understand my PadMaaps, because the PadMaps are really really Popular.

Over 20.000 Peoples download my PadGarden only from my site (over 20.000 Padcenter downloads too), the most of the Q3 sites bring my maps worldwide, many big Game magazines bring articles and Cover CD's with my maps, how the american PC Gamer, the english PC Zone, the german PC Action and much more...I made an german TV interview, an enlish Cam interview and interviews on many internet sites.

I got Emails from professional Game makers (Raven, Activision and more), I must made special versions of my EF PadMaps for an Activision Promo CD. I got over 8000 Emails in the last year and and and...

It was a damn big PadHipe and you can say whatever you need, but the most peoples like the PadMaps.

It is right, when you say, the brushwork is pretty basic (the most of it) in my liliputmaps how PadKitchen, PadGarden or PadShop, but this maps are big hardware killers and on this you must work with a little bit more pretty brushwork.

My first maps are gothic maps (a little bit..gg) and I made this with all the curves stuff, but I must say, this is not my thing, I don’t like gothic and I don’t like it to make the gothic map number 1.000.000 for 10 peoples.

I made all the liliput map why the peoples need this liliput maps. When I made PadGarden (my first liliput map), I thought, this was my first and last liliput map, but than I saw how many peoples like this stuff and so I must made more of this...I made the PadMaps for all the fun gamer in the world, not only for me.

It is ok, when some peoples don’t like this maps, no problem...don’t play the PadMaps...that’s all...;)

@Foebane, hm, nice idea to make a PADMAN game...;)

thanks, ENTE

please sorry when my english are not so good..!!

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Friction unregistered
#31   12 May 2001
You know why these maps are so popular? "Hey, I know. lets make a map where players are like REALLY small and stuff!" is the first 'original' and 'cool' idea of most non-mappers (I had this idea too when Doom was the state of the art ;). When someone actually does something like that, they DL it gleefully, even if it lacks most of the qualities of a good map.
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Auhsan unregistered
#30   11 May 2001
Mikie : a lot of ppl is making maps using custom texes... there is no real nolvety on that. And I don't find these liliputian maps been any original, yes, make/scan/find the textures can be a lot of work, but the brushwork is pretty basic...

And yes, this isnt a competitive type of map but I really don't find any fun playing this map...

anyway, it is a good effort... but mapping is much more than this...

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Foebane unregistered
#29   11 May 2001
To get into the rocket I jumped off from the wooden shelf onto the bottom of the blind, by the white bit labelled PC, and then jumped into the rocket from there. It's a right laugh, and there are also some more hidden rooms, which I'll leave you lot to find.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#28   11 May 2001
noxy: There's no complicated mechanism or trick jumps required, just find a spot where you can enter the rocket. (It's a little puzzling because it doesn't really look like an actual entrance, or a part that moves or anything... just a spot you need to touch to get teleported inside.)

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noxy unregistered
#27   11 May 2001
Is there a way to launch the rocket? In some promo shots for PC Gamer, it was kind of implied, but heck if I can figer out how.
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Mikie unregistered
#26   11 May 2001
I think it's funny how so many of you bitch about maps likes this. The fact is this map has been posted here for less 24 hours and it already has 600 downloads. Thats pretty good considering the map has been out more than a month and many of us downloaded it off another site or got it off the PC Gamer CD.

Miniman by THS was released here on lvl about 6 weeks ago and it remains one of the top 10 downloads.

I released a beta version of Mikie's Room about three weeks ago and it already has more than 3200 downloads between the places i've posted it.

Runtfest is the single most downloaded level posted on this website ever.

What this tells you is that people really dig these maps and appartently they want more cause they keep downloading them.

All the people out there that want to make levels with the Gothic and Base textures and all the space maps out there. Go ahead and make them. I don't download them. I'm sick of them and the download statistics show others are sick of them to.

Finally, I don't know who started the terms, "Novelty Map" or "Gimmick Map" but these terms shouldn't be used.

Yes, some maps don't look like the maps that came with the game but some famous painter's works didn't look like standard of the day either. Some of you guys would be dumb enough to call Picasso or Van Gogh novelty painters.

The Quake 3 engine is the most advanced 3D engine ever. It can take any 24 bit baseline JPG or 32 bit TGA picture as a texture. It's also the only engine out there that gives us the us of actual curves. Frankly, that gives the engine a level of flexibility never before seen. You can do anything, anything with this engine. The sky is the limit. You all should be encouraging maps that look different or have some extra bit of creativity in them.

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Ro-Jaws unregistered
#25   11 May 2001
Well said Q-Fraggel, this is PLANET quake, and Allah loves wonderous variety. I dont play maps of this type much - but there is definitely a demand for em. Frag where you like, go on.
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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#24   11 May 2001
I enjoyed this nice map! It's fun to run around and find all secrets.

@the map elite: Of course it's not for serious gaming, but it's not intended for that. I think you should be a little bit more tolerant to other approaches on mapping. Mapping is for fun and everybody should do what he likes. And other people should accept that in my opinion.

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park unregistered
#23   11 May 2001

Novelty map, not much else as play value. Neat to download and run around and look at, but thats about it. I hardly think this is a work of art, although the models (as tigger-on said) are interesting and probably the best part of the map.

and lun: Mabye you can send Ente some instructions or philosophy on what a proper map is to aid his mapping efforts on a project that would be worthy of your oh so important time.

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jt unregistered
#22   11 May 2001
All you map snobs need to lighten up.
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me unregistered
#21   11 May 2001
It's funny how easy you guys consider something as art.

Anyway, this map is funny. Too low on fps for me, but givin a run just looking at thingies was satisfactory enough to consider it a good download.

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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#20   11 May 2001
I`m not even going to bother running this on my p2 380 128MB ram. Forget it. I have PadKitchen and my average FPS is about 13 with 4 bots.
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Azumah unregistered
#19   11 May 2001
I love almost all the PadMaps. The wonderful detail in this one is the best yet. Just watching the optical mouse blink made me smile. Art, humor, style - it's all here and it's all cool. All I had to do to get it running smoothly was turn on texture compression - "/r_ext_compressed_textures 1" in the console.
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CleanerWolf unregistered
#18   11 May 2001
This is really my favorite Padmap !

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Johnny Law unregistered
#17   10 May 2001
Map loads fine for me, framerate is fine too.

Not a map for hardcore/serious play... of course. Among the "Lilliput maps" genre I'd say this is the best-looking one as well as the best-playing. Whether that is saying much or not is up to the player's tastes of course. :-) Unless you really despise this genre you should give it a look if you have a fast connection. Just don't expect it to be something it's not.

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Lima_Bravo unregistered
#16   10 May 2001
Another fine production..

(Ente is a masterpiece producer).

It certainly ranks a '10' in my book.

I totally agree with Foebane and others herein, "they're all works of art", they are meant to be that way aren't they :)

FYI all it plays reasonably well on my (lowly, soon to be upgraded (Ihope)) P2 350 with 128M RAM and GEforce 2.

Download and admire this creation NOW !

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Zarathustra unregistered
#15   10 May 2001
For instance, take a look at "Disinformation" by Bal. Now THAT is a work of art, architecture, and gameplay extraodinaire. I will never in my gaming life put a Pad map in anywhere near the same league as a map like that.
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Zarathustra unregistered
#14   10 May 2001

I agree with most of what you said. I don't quite understand the appeal of these Pad maps myself. People go on and on about how "creative" they are. Perhaps. But what kind of creativity is it? He sort of "copies" some semi-real world environemnts and makes munchkins out of the players. Sure, it made ENTE "different" -- at first. But I wouldn't call the work itself all that creative. Its scanned and doctored photos with some basic geomerty that you can just copy, without having to really create anything architecturally.

I cannot imagine cranking out map after map like this. Maybe he likes the seemingly inane process of painstakingly copying ordinary things into a game engine over and over, but it would drive me batty. More power to him if he likes to wile away his life on stuff like this. Next up: PadGloveCompartment.

By the way, Lunaran, I think you need some more RAM in your system. Hard driver churning is a sure sign of that, because the operating system doesn't have enough RAM to run everything and must constantly swap memory pages to and from the hard drive. In this day and age, I can't see why your system would be that small.

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pjw unregistered
#13   10 May 2001
I played this map a while back as well (when it was on the PC Gamer CD) and thought it was quite cool. Is it a map for serious competition? Of course not. But it's fun to play with a friend and just screw around.

(and btw Lun, I would say that something is wrong with your comp/settings/something. The map ran fine (only slightly slow) for me on a P3 700 and a P3 600. The 700 has a GeForce card (not GeForce 2), and the 600 has a Elsa (Geforce clone). Proper map? Depends on whose definition you're using, and proper for what.)

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jt unregistered
#12   10 May 2001
Very cool.

Jump through the Doom box for some nostalgia.

Has anybody found how to get to the 2001 monolith room?

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Husker unregistered
#11   10 May 2001
Its not really a competition map guys. This is a masterpiece of art. Look how many box covers of games had to be scanned, front back, top and sides. It's simply amazing to look at. The rocket blasting off is worth the price of admition.
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Husker unregistered
#10   10 May 2001
Its not really a conpetion map guys. This is a masterpiece of art. Look how many box covers of games had to be scanned, front back, top ans sides. It's simply amazing to look at.
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Nicholas unregistered
#9   10 May 2001
Not a map that I would play on a regular basis but the talent it obviously took to create leaves me almost speechless.(cheers from crowd).On my superduper p4 1.5 gforce 2 ultra with everything maxed and at 1600 by 1200 I still get a respectable 75 fps! So much effort has gone into this map and it plays well enough, even with bots. PadGarden still my favorite, mostly 'cause of the duckie...
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Foebane unregistered
#8   10 May 2001
The point, Lunaran, is that Ente makes maps primarily to promote his cartoon characters, mainly Padman, and also to push the Q3A engine to its limits by creating real-world works of art, then adding the game elements to it. This is one of his Lilliputian maps, as he calls them. He hopes to make a game with his characters eventually, btw.

To be frank, I think they're all works of art considering the time and effort he's put into them all, and have you ever considered how much of a nightmare they must be to edit in Q3Radiant, with all the brushes and textures?

See www.padman.de for more maps and other stuff

Kudos to you Ente!

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Blah Blah unregistered
#7   10 May 2001
This is a great map. Yes, it requires a fair share of video memory to run well with all the options maxed out, but all you've got to do is bump back the detail level a notch and it'll run fine on just about any system out there.
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Lunaran unregistered
#6   10 May 2001
This is a fucking waste of time.

I installed it off the PC gamer CD, not really expecting much from a PC gamer cover disk level, but I was thoroughly apalled.

Whether or not it was actually intended to be played, I find it disgusting and insulting that so many previously virgin q3 players are now being taught by the lovely folks at PC gamer that THIS IS WHAT CUSTOM MAPS ARE LIKE.

I have a p3 933 and a Geforce2 Annihilator, and this map ran at approxiamately one frame every two minutes. No exaggeration. It took 20 minutes to load. No exaggeration. I couldn't even quit the game once it finally started - the HDD went into a seriously unhealthy-sounding bout of chugging, and eventually I had to push reset.

What the hell is so wonderful about this? I found it a total waste of time, even for a novelty map. Isn't Ente capable of a PROPER map?

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Mysterious Dr. X unregistered
#5   10 May 2001
Nice job ente. PIII 500 w/ tnt2 is playable but I've always had to lower the graphics to play ente's maps with more than 3 fps anyways ;)

With no bots dragging the system this is one to have blast with online.

@Bomerlunder - you know if rastaman's server is back up yet?

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MEet-CEes unregistered
#4   10 May 2001
problem is bots acted small way before runtfest anyway.

shouldnt talk behind my only freinds backs. ah well. i always frag da freckers anyhey.

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Mikie unregistered
#3   10 May 2001
Actually, i can play this map with FULL graphics settings with an athlon 1000 and a gforce 2. In the worst area(behind glass cabnet looking outward), I still get 20 frames a sec.

Shouldn't have too much of a problem on a slightly lower end system if you lower the graphics and texture quality.

Check the R_speeds. The brush work is amasing. The R_speeds max out at about 11k in the worst area. The slows downs come from heavy shader work. You will see quite a few maps posted here with worse r_speeds.

Anyhoo, don't let the line about the 1.3 gig athlon and geforce 3 scare you away.


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Foebane unregistered
#2   10 May 2001
ENTE does it again, a wonderfully created map with stacks, and I mean STACKS of detail, as well as more custom textures and models than you can shake a stick at!

I think I own at least half the games featured in this store!

As Bomerlunder says, download it NOOOOW!!!

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Bomerlunder unregistered
#1   10 May 2001
another great map by Ente, awesome looks, great secrets... only the bot support is a bit poor but you can play his maps online so there is no problem imho :-)


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