ии I N F O R M A T I O N ии

Title : Khaooohs

Date of release : 13th January 2000

Files : /maps/kaos.bsp

Author : Vondur

Email address : **email removed**

Homepage : Vondur's War Supply

Description : Quake 3 Deathmatch Level
Suitable for 4-6 ffa and for duels

Other maps by author : Q1dm - dokkur1-6, ferrum, zed, hook
Q1sp - solfall
Q1ra - sannur
Q2dm - svartur1-3, compass
HLsp - sigur
HLdm - scoff

Base : New level from scratch

Editors used : Q3Radiant 1.0beta build 181
Photoshop 5.0
Aditor 2.10b

Textures : There is one new easter egg texture...
Yes, there is easter egg, but I hope
that you will not find it =]

Known Bugs : No known

Build Time : Two weeks

Compile machine : PII 400 / 128 Mb

Additional utils used : Q3 Build 1.09

ии N O T E S ии


Yes it is. This map uses unusual transportation system for Q3.
Along with usual bouncepads I added there lifts. Say, I just let
some experiments there. In result I got very playable map and I
hope you'll enjoy it too. However, i made there some tricks for
bots. It's a shame for Q3 bots, but they absolutely can't handle
usual lifts. I've added there some extras to fool them. Now they
uses that lifts quite acceptable.

Besides, new release of Q3 brings some additional bot entities
in the map. I tested it with 1.15b version and discovered that
bots better navigate through the map with that additions. That
is good though. Usually boring game with them became a bit fun.
That is something.....

One thing yet about lifts. This is triggerable lifts. This means,
that you have to trigger special entity to turn the lift to
operation. I simulated there sensor button. So, there is illusion
that lifts will work if you'll stand right on that sensor [square
shiny thing in the center of the lift]. I made it for players who
wants to jump down from upper floor. So, they can safely jump
without annyoing lifting. Bouncepads are ALWAYS turns you back,
but here, you can proceed down safely though =] Hope this feature
will not annoy you much.

Happy hunting...

!!!!!!!!!! END OF CAUTION !!!!!!!!!!

ии I N S T R U C T I O N S ии

You have to:
1. Unzip kaos.pk3 into ..quake3/baseq3 directory
2. Run Quake 3
3. In Quake at the console type /map kaos
4. Play the map.
5. Enjoy it or hate it.
6. Exit the game.
7. Launch your mail program.
8. Write love/hate mail to **email removed**.
Just eight points. Easy, huh?

ии C R E D I T S T O: ии

id software for Quakies and for QERadiant []

Rust for their tutorial resources []

Sagnor and AzrKnight for Q3Build []

SmallPileofGibs for initial editing help at irc =]

Frib for playetesting, notes and for reminding me that Quake3 engine
can handle not only bouncepads :] []

Nehahra team for being there []

PAN-THY-MONIUM for the map title and for great music

Dark winter unholydays for amound of spare time.....

ии L E G A L S T U F F ии

This BSP may be distributed ONLY via the Internet and/or BBS
systems. You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or
distribute it in any way without my permission. And don't remove
this .txt file from the .zip archive!

Quake is for life. Not just for lanparty.

[ v o n d u r ]