Khaooohs by Vondur
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#65   05 Feb 2021
I totally agree with Tig on his review of this map. It is a great map, great layout, well build bla bla bla. But the lifts just annoy the heck out of me. And it is not that bots get stuck in them all the time but they just rub me the wrong way, no matter how much I try ignore the lifts. It prevents me of keeping this map... end of rant. sry
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raspatan Rep. 4538
#64   27 Sep 2020
Very clean, well designed map with a lot of vertical action.
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Neon_Knight Rep. 324
#63   22 Feb 2014
This one is also available in OpenArena as kaos2. :P
Too bad the easter egg couldn't be properly replicated, though. :/
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JADscratch Rep. 487
#62   02 May 2013
This is a cool map for three big reasons:

  1. The layout of the map can get you confused of where you are the first two or three times, but once you get the hang of it, you can really pull off some awesome moves that can make you a deadly player.
  2. The weapon and item placement is superb. A smidge flawed, though. Maybe it'd be a bit better without the Quad and instead put in the Battle Suit powerup. Then again, it's just a small consideration, not a huge critical flaw. :P
  3. The name of the map matches the name of my character. That alone got my attention. XD
You can definitely tell that a lot of hard work was put into this map. An awesome map, Vondur. Keep up the good work!
Edited 4 days after the original posting.
Edited 4.01 days after the original posting.
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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#61   23 Feb 2012
Well Gothic maps are definatley popular.
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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#60   21 Feb 2010
Here is a map that is worth keeping two copies of, one in a very safe place. Invite some friends or choose some skilled bots and be prepared for a variety of playing styles as you move through this awe inspiring layout. Appropriate ambient sounds and realistic setting make this map a real winner when combined with the relatively smooth game play.
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R1c0 Rep. 10
#59   07 Mar 2007
I loved IT
When i seen it, i gone to LAN HOUSE downloaded that, and played it for many time, really good man.
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zeromapping Rep. 2
#58   28 Jan 2007
Good map...! прикольно +)
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Nitebeat unregistered
#57   31 Jul 2002
Prolly among the first q3 levels I dled back in january/february 2000.. heh. Agree, this is a good level =-)

good? more like excellent damn it :)

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not entered unregistered
#56   21 May 2002
just played this the other day in freeze tag....its a cool map, lots of vertical action etc.
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Nando unregistered
#55   21 Mar 2001
This map was my first custom map! And it's still my favorite map! fantastic! It's look like and original from id!
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SoulReaper67 unregistered
#54   20 Oct 2000
This map rocks.

It's currently my favorite map.

I really think they should have the custom mappers make the maps for the next Quake. There are some maps out there that just blow ID's mappers away.

I'll give this map a 10. This map is an absolute keeper.

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tom unregistered
#53   08 Oct 2000
this map is one of the best for the game no doubt it has stood the test of time its still on my drive and will be for a long time
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Zak unregistered
#52   23 Aug 2000
Really good, hiqh quality map for large games.
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-Prophet-]VoD[ unregistered
#51   23 May 2000
Great map,i like the setup.keep em coming vondur.
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Senior Teflon unregistered
#50   19 Apr 2000
Wow. This one's got a great combination of vertical, claustrophobic, and open-air areas. Gameplay is very smooth, and I never feel like it takes me long to get to where the action is. The bots don't do too badly on the lifts, but I find it way too easy to splash them to death by tossing a rocket up the lift after them; perhaps solid lift platforms instead of open grating would help this problem.

Other than a tiny problem with the lifts, this one is a blast to play.

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Leviathen unregistered
#49   24 Mar 2000
Wot everyone else sed!

Top map, very smooth, very nice gameplay. Download it, it rocks!

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kaled unregistered
#48   07 Mar 2000
dammit, i want to be able to play this map does it require te absolutely most recent beta patch to run? Help!

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Vondur unregistered
#47   02 Mar 2000
Thanks for the comments people...

Glad you liked this environment...

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SweetLeaf unregistered
#46   25 Feb 2000
Best map about for a medium sized LAN. Delicious.
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U4ik unregistered
#45   23 Feb 2000
Great map, Professional quality, excellent use of curves,excellently placed jump pads. All in all, this map kicks fuggin ass =10
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Allos unregistered
#44   21 Feb 2000
My Favorite map for our fast LAN at work, great for 6 to 10 players
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kaled unregistered
#43   20 Feb 2000
every time i join a server running this map, I get kicked back to the menu screen without arenaspy. Is this an aspy problem? I've re-installed it from several different dl sites, and the levelshot appears when I select the server, but as soon as it gets a few seconds into connection, boom. sorry to chew up review spaces with troubleshoots, but i really WANT to be able to give feedback, i just can't
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zig unregistered
#42   20 Feb 2000
I've had this map for about a month now, and I still play it for about an hour almost every time i play quake3. It's the map I use whenever I test out new mods or skins or models or whatever.

Hasn't gotten old yet, and I can't see it getting boring anytime soon.

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KNOWLEDGE unregistered
#41   19 Feb 2000
yes good!
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j unregistered
#40   19 Feb 2000
Damn, i cannie find that blasted egg!! i assume the invisiblity is hidden w/ it?

Anyhoo, FANTASTIC map!!! The only custom q3 map that i have liked so far.....

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Octovus unregistered
#39   17 Feb 2000
Well maybe I should be saving my tens for later maps, but... nahhh, this deserves it. It's got the same old textures but somehow it just feels different. The weapons are almost perfectly placed and the invisibility has to be found before you can get it. (I.E. the secret door). My only gripe (ands im nitpicking) is I've never really liked lifts and was glad when they dissapeard- but then again bounce pads wouldn't feel right in their place.

Ty very much for it!

Happy fraggin! Octovus

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Sundown unregistered
#38   11 Feb 2000
This map is absolutely love-ass with 4-5 bots! The absolutely best good-sized bot-playing map out there. Smack me!
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cyclic unregistered
#37   11 Feb 2000
My friends and I have been fraggin multiplayer lan since the first FPS came out. We play Quake 3 just about every 3 days now with around 6 ppl average. This map rocks! We come back to it every time. Good work.
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Scorpion unregistered
#36   09 Feb 2000


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Excessus unregistered
#35   08 Feb 2000
Just where the heck is the eastern egg?? :-)
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Cutlass unregistered
#34   02 Feb 2000
Hehe nice little easter egg hehe. Shoot the wall in the lava pit and get a powerup with his logo.

The platforms rise a little too fast. I like platforms to be dangerous. put a gren launcher by the slow moving platform for fun.

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crXy(Lewent) unregistered
#33   31 Jan 2000
adý kaos ama karambol mümkün olmuyo

excellent map for DM!!!


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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#32   29 Jan 2000
Hello people......big deal it's more of a vertical map!Should we love a map just cuz it's vertical?Oh an "THAN",yes there are limited texture sets for Q3....but hello,you can use them in different ways ya know? I think a more impressive map,yet not really vertical is a map called "Ring of Bone"from a mapper of "Prince of Persia3d"at "WWW.RISCCHIP.COM"
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menace unregistered
#31   28 Jan 2000
Than: I agree with you totally, the id q3 maps for the most part blow. I too think the EXTREME overuse of symmetricality cut their quality in half right there, plus so many just don't have that great quality of spacious (as in, you can move around easily, but not huge) rooms that are well connected to each other in various interesting ways, often on different levels. (Think of naked4 or the ztndm/ztn2dm series or most anything by headshot or retinal or mr fribbles or peej, for instance) They just don't seem to have any awareness of that kind of mapmaking (the "forumla" style of great dm mapmaking that eventually developed). q3dm5 and q3dm13 are sort of getting at the right idea, but they're just not all that brilliant. Plus most of the maps are truly too flat, and the space maps are all just gimmicky.

As to WHY the quality of id maps plummeted, I'd say there's one very good reason: they canned American McGee. He alone was responsible for 3 of the 6 best dm maps from q1 and q2 (dm2, dm4, q2dm3), maps that not only became immensely popular and inspired great gameplay, but also inspired many other mapmakers to imitate them, and not just slavishly (as in all the q2dm1 clones) but by learning their important lessons about gameplay.

Also, I'm not sure if I'd consider John Romero to be a great mapmaker in the same way, but he sure got lucky with dm3. That just leaves Tim Willits (dm6, q2dm1) as their only mapmaker with any kind of good track record in making exciting dm maps, and his are more "1-offs" that seem to get lucky rather than just plain brilliant execution based on a fundamental understanding of how to make great dm maps. Mostly id's designers just don't seem to "get" DM, which is ironic considering how dm-focused the game is...

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Senn unregistered
#30   28 Jan 2000
Kick ass man... Rock on! =)
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Magician unregistered
#29   27 Jan 2000
cool map dude
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Killazontherun unregistered
#28   26 Jan 2000
Nice layout! I like it alot becuase it's very vertical, I think thats one of the main thing that is missing in most usermade maps.
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Redrum unregistered
#27   26 Jan 2000
Like it.
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than unregistered
#26   25 Jan 2000
oh yeah, and none of those three are the symmetrical bullshite than id have used in about 50% of the q3 DM maps. I can understand why you might have a symmetrical layout ina ctf map (although epic can do asymmetrical ones alright) but using symmetrical layouts and even item placement in a dm map seems like a huge shortcut and smacks of laziness. Anyway, I'll stop my q3 map quality bitching and er.. I dunno, make a map myself.


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than unregistered
#25   25 Jan 2000
to timothy black. I don't really understand what the hell you are on about. Saying that most homemade maps look the same is bollocks. Some look similar but that is mainly because of the limited texture sets in q3. I thought most of the id gothic maps looked the same, none had very nice layouts - some plain shit and I don't remember any vertical maps at all apart from maybe q3dm6 and that one near the end called apocolypse void or something (but I hated the spacey maps anyway). Already there have been three maps (kaos, ik3dm1 and addict) I can think of which are way more impressive than any id map you care to mention. Ok, maybe they aren't as flashy as the id maps but they all look good imho and have far more interesting layouts than shite like q3dm10 or whatever. Bland colours and textures? blame id, not the map authors. If you are referring to ik3dm1 then maybe the texture usage is a little plain but it sets a nice motif and is consistant throughout the map rather than having bits here and bits there. Also, these three maps I mentioned (along with several others) are not the corridor, long room, long corridor, room... that you get in quite a few of the id maps.


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Karma unregistered
#24   24 Jan 2000
Is this site EVER giong to get updated??
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Hammer unregistered
#23   24 Jan 2000
One of the best map ever made. What i did like most is the vertical layout. The gameflow is wonderful aided by the strong architecture work. Great Job Vondur!

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MC unregistered
#22   23 Jan 2000
Outstanding stuff!
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GibFest unregistered
#21   22 Jan 2000
This is one beast of a map, I really like it.

And a review will pop up on GMC2K v.soon (that`s with permission of course).

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zig unregistered
#20   22 Jan 2000
Definately the best custom map I've ever played, and probably better than the id maps(which I like). I like everything about it. Team DM is a lot of fun as well as FFA.
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Jack unregistered
#19   21 Jan 2000
Real nice map and fun to play!Also like the fact that it shows up in the Q3 menu.
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RedFive unregistered
#18   21 Jan 2000
"With bot a Haste..." What am I saying ?!?!! I meant with BOTH a Haste... and so on !!! Ooopsie
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RedFive unregistered
#17   21 Jan 2000
Now THAT is a fun map! Put in a few bots and the frag limit gets hit in no time. And with bot a Haste and a Quad in easy reach, the action is fast and furious. And I've never seen an indoor map with so many hgih-flying antics; those with motion sickness beware, and don't forget your Gravol! :) And Tim11Black, work on those strat moves 'cause this map is full of possibilities!
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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#16   20 Jan 2000
Can someone please tell me why most homemade maps look the same?Whether it be the same use of bland colors,textures,setup,architecture.etc..I have played this level in many ways so far even a 20 player lan(which was stupid)and I probably came up with 2 strategic manuevers(which is pretty bad)This map is nothing new and definately not innovative in design and texture use............I must be an alien for not really enjoying and appreciating this map like so many others do!!!!
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Dyslexic unregistered
#15   20 Jan 2000
I must say, I have seen alot of people talking about this map, and I was eager as hell to get my hands on it. To say the least, I was disappointed. I always felt that I had to travel a huge distance to find even a bloody shotgun, let alone a rail or a RL. I liked the wide open spaces, but there weren't enough of them. Those hallways and corridors were very ugly, and got very crowded very fast. I did enjoy the lifts, but only because it seemed to break away from the typical Q3 level fodder. I guess it was OK, but definately not deemed worthy of "Greatest User Q3 Map". I'd take japandm over this anyday.
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MogWaEE unregistered
#14   20 Jan 2000
Can you say Beautiful? Can you say great GAMEPLAY?
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punk_wocka unregistered
#13   20 Jan 2000
fergot something, i didnt like the jumpads that faced each other doesn't really fit into the map or any map in my opinion
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punk_wocka unregistered
#12   20 Jan 2000
sweet map i think this and japan are the best custom maps so far, wasn't sure about lifts but they seemed to fit in fine, in my opinion i think he coulda used more textures, less hallways, more open spaces, but still a great map worth a 9
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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#11   20 Jan 2000
Sweet map great gameplay weapon placement this map is just so dam cool!!!!!!!

R.I.P ID maps

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Deadstar unregistered
#10   20 Jan 2000
Love this map. It rocks!

The gameplay is probably the most fun I've had playing Q3 to date.

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Than unregistered
#9   20 Jan 2000
this map is kewl. To be honest I haven't played it but then again, I haven't been motivated to play Q3 as the id maps depressed me too much. I think the architecture is great - not too over the top but very vertical and spacious. The layout is far superior to any of the id maps in the game too.

Sorry for this mini rant but I really dunno wtf has happened to the quality of id dm maps since q1. Q1 had a couple of great maps, Q2 also had a couple of great maps. Q3 has a couple of good maps but that's out of 20 or so - there really should be more. I reckon that the mappers id were more keen to show off their architectural skillz rather than thinking up a decent layout. I'm sure tim willits once said something like "any idiot can stick a few brushes together and accidentally make a map that plays well but to make it look good takes skill". We all know that's bollocks and it seems they concentrated their skills on looks.

Sorry for the mini rant. I hope you'll forgive me :)


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Raven unregistered
#8   20 Jan 2000
This is a great Map, it runs very smoothly, great Bot play, and is nice and large. Has a good tacticle feel more than just a frantic frag fest (Say that fast :) ). The layout is excelent, Looks are great, and the Game play just Rocks. Love what Vondur, has done with the lifts.

Equal with "Ik3Dm1" for best Q3 user made map, in my opinion, although they are both very different

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Shamblugh. unregistered
#7   20 Jan 2000
And so it begins....didn't take long, but that's no surprise. The first of the wave of maps that piss all over Id's lame efforts so bad they'll need scuba gear. The design of those two main rooms is simply excellent, and the overall layout is great. I like the subtle use of glitzy eye candy on the buttresses, rather than swamping the map with it. I do think a bit more gratuituous eyecandy (not GFX though) would have improved it, but a very solid map. Hopefully it will educate Id on how to make proper DM map design.
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Neon unregistered
#6   20 Jan 2000
I love this level, I have fallen down the lift shafts more times than i care to remember.

Yahoo, no realtion to the evil company!

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Peej unregistered
#5   20 Jan 2000
nice map, gotta love the layout, and the "classic quake" feel. nice looking, well put together, etc etc. at last, i think the first batch of decent Q3A maps are arriving.
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Killer unregistered
#4   20 Jan 2000
Yep, love this map. Along with IK3DM1 this is the best custom Q3 map to dat imho. Excellent texture usage, architecture and lighting complement an interesting layout with a strong vertical element. Only snag the lifts are a little bit finicky but this is a minor gripe for me. Fantastic work Vondur
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Neville McNeville unregistered
#3   20 Jan 2000
Nice large yet intricate map, kinda reminds me of messy base meets ztn's blood run, not very well suited to anything other than FFA however is its main downfall gameplay wise. Also the map really needs 4 or more people to keep you from getting bored. Aesthetically the map is very nice, probably in the top 3 third party maps so far texture wise nice job.

Cheers, look forward to more of your work

Another quality review by Neville Mc Neville - The Level Devil!

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#2   20 Jan 2000
I just wanted to say that this is a really awesome level, whether you're playing against humans or bots. I've actually been able to find a few servers running it, which is unusual for a custom map.

As for the lifts, I like 'em, I think they add a little bit of strategy and uncertainty to the game. I've been waiting for a Q3A level that makes good use of lifts, and here it is!

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Gom Jabbar unregistered
#1   20 Jan 2000
Hell, am I really the first one to comment on this map? Anyways, just wanna say that this map is damn cool. I don't like Q3A that much but this map got me playing some Q3A deathmatch, congrats Vondur...
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