Cascade Rails
Cascade Rails by shadowland2000

This smallish map is based around a fantastically rendered house set on a mountainside with a beautiful skybox provided by amethyst7. Loving detail was used on the Interior and exterior of the house. The front and back yards and stark and boulder strewn making for great fire fights. The house is made up of tight corridors where the Shot Gun and Rail Gun are king. The larger living room allows for rocket and plasma gun use. The lower basements are tight and turn into lethal dead-ends, but are perfect for lurking in ambush.

The level has a good balance of weapons ,armor, and items placed throughout the level. The only power up is a MH in the downstairs bathroom. My only nitpick is that there needed to be a few more spawn points to prevent telefragging in games with five or more players. Game play is either fast and bloody or a stalk-fest depending on who or what you are playing with. Bot play is fierce and actually challenging. The Bot path is so good that if you hide the bots WILL seek you out. It is great to see someone pay attention to Bot play.

In short, this is a well do and stunning to look at map, that will stay on my hard drive. Well worth the download time and a must have for realistic map collectors.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Update: The level now includes 8 spawn loactions and some minor fixes. (18.jul.02)

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (21 votes)

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