Cascade Rails
Cascade Rails by shadowland2000
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Geniraul Rep. 1474
#22   23 Nov 2023
I truly appreciate the fact that these realistic picturesque mountains allow you to inhale the cold and refreshing atmosphere of winter 🏔 Thank you, Amethyst7, for such a brilliant and properly executed skybox, and Shadowland2000, for such an artistically original way of using it! The diversified landscape / slopes add to the atmosphere too, and since the house is very well made, everything together creates the impression of being on a ski base 🏠⛷

I would certainly prefer that some of the locations inside the house, i.e. bathrooms and bedrooms, were more connected to other parts of the map, and maybe to each other, so that they're not dead ends, but the layout of each is definitely well done visually. Additionally, bathrooms could have equipment of different colors, or several layouts. Although I'm not a big fan of this word, I'm impressed with how Quakecute is executed on this level.

I appreciate the BFG secret and the path to it, too :) Maybe more space or a funicular railway would make the map more complete, but overall this level is just fantastic!

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Davib137 unregistered
#21   15 Jul 2018
If you love the movie North by Northwest you're going to love this map. I felt like I was Cary Grant, but instead I was a Stormtrooper fighting Dr. Evil, Homer Simpson and the Tasmanian Devil.
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Sly Fox Rep. 43
#20   06 Mar 2018
Had to check out shadowland2000's other map after having hours of fun on aawy. This is sort of like a half-sized Winter version of aawy on a mountain slope. Awesome visuals, lots of fun fraggin with enough railguns for everyone! Instead of making a run for the quad as in aawy, you make a run for the BFG!

Using bot_minplayers 16 can be quite hectic. Actually every time you run into a dropped weapon you automatically switch to that weapon and having this happen every few seconds can be very disruptive. You can do cg_autoswitch 0 but then you may not be aware of your new weapons. Why doesn't Quake 3 show all your weapons/ammo like Quake 1 did?
Edited 17.45 hours after the original posting.

Just noticed that bots seem to exclusively spawn on the rooftop, I believe they spawn in the same place as players in most other maps.
Edited 17.76 hours after the original posting.

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FragTastic Rep. 2351
#19   10 Jan 2012
This map looks fun but ill test it later and if its good enough it may be in my Bookmarks :).
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$$ unregistered
#18   25 Dec 2010
merry Christmas. only problem wit the map was that the trees on the outside didn't have snow on them(Neither did the top of the house) but the Christmas tree inside did.
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SW12 unregistered
#17   12 Apr 2010
Okay I now have it. Its really good! Located on a icy mountain, this L uxorious cabin (With the Christmas tree) is very fun, I like big outdoor battles and makes this fun. I on occasion see a bot go into the ice-cold pond to get the RL. they clean up the Attic like nobody's business. And It creeps me out when I go in the BFG room to get that weapon. (my eye twitches uncontrollably)probably of the fear a bot will come up behind me a freak the crap out of me. Oh and there is a problem with the BIG WINDOW, when you look at it from outside, It's pitch-black, but transparent from the inside. Looks like that could use some fixing. Good job though. ;)
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Ben Rep. 30
#16   18 Jan 2010
I have missing texes on the house in the back yard. Some other map must be causing it.


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GuitarMan Rep. 468
#15   18 Jan 2010
Real-world architecture is simply not "fit" for MP gaming.

It could be, if properly done.

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AEon Rep. 780
#14   27 Aug 2009
Very beautiful rendition of a quite interesting "winter resort" house. It is quite cool to walk around in this map, but IMO, that is it. Real-world architecture is simply not "fit" for MP gaming.
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shadowland2000 unregistered
#13   30 Jul 2002
Thanks Nitebeat for getting back to me with good feedback. Its interesting, I have often caught the bots going for the rl, but I hardly ever let them get it.

Thanks for appreciating the atmosphere of the map. My next map will also be focused on reality first, then gameplay.

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Nitebeat unregistered
#12   30 Jul 2002
Back :-B

Checked the map, liked what I saw. The howling wind was a bit too loud though. But not to the point where it got annoying.

Nice skybox :) don't know about the locations of the railguns, feels like they're simply scattered around.

bots eh: they work fine. they cover most parts of the level, but do get stuck in the basement (the door).

Happy they don't ignore the mh. They do miss out on the ya downstairs, but do go for the one on the rooftop. THey don't go for the rl. But frankly this map is dominated by the rail so...

The whole build of the house, the feel: very nice work.

This is, like I said, a map with a fresh feel, look.

Which is really important imho =-/

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Nitebeat unregistered
#11   23 Jul 2002
This map looks very nice :)

I'm downloading it now, will review it asap =-)

I'm always looking for maps with a fresh look :) not the same old gothic, base thing you know :-/

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Anton unregistered
#10   18 Jul 2002
Ooops, sorry Blurr.


I was too lazy to read all comments and missed your comment :]

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Blurr unregistered
#9   17 Jul 2002
Anton who? Sorry, I just couldn't resist..
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Anton unregistered
#8   17 Jul 2002
What Blurr?
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shadowland2000 unregistered
#7   16 Jul 2002
BTW, if anyone is interested in a version w/ more player spawns, just leave a comment.
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not entered unregistered
#6   16 Jul 2002
Thanks Anton, its really good to hear that you enjoyed the gameplay of the map. No, I'm

not an architect, but I sure liked taking a crack at it.

Thanks again for your comments, and same to you for yours Blurr.

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Anton unregistered
#5   16 Jul 2002
Very cool map!

We played it couple hours on LAN yesterday - really fun.

But too big for 1 on 1 play.

shadowland2000 - are you architect? (I studied in architectural university in 90-97).

If I had q3radiant in those years..., I'd make all my projects in it. :)

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Blurr unregistered
#4   12 Jul 2002
All I can say is, well done! I have a passion for organic realism maps, or at least plausable ones. The lighting was well done and I could actually feel the cold water in the lake. The snow was especially well done considering the expanse of the texture (no noticeable texture repetition.) The Gothic/Techno maps have been done to death.. This level will definately stay in my collection.
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shadowland2000 unregistered
#3   12 Jul 2002
Thanks Meatboy Dogfood for the excellent review of my map. Your comments were very gratifying.

Tetzlaff, there should be a howling wind if you turn your music up.

Wviperw, I suspect you are probably not a big fan of realism type maps, and

their type of gameplay, but I respect your opinion.

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   12 Jul 2002
It has some very nice parts, but with a bit more polish it could have been better - for example, the doors open in the wrong direction (if you look at the texture), and there´s not a single ambient sound in the whole map.

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wviperw unregistered
#1   12 Jul 2002
I remember having played a version of this a little while ago. It is a pretty good looking "realistic" type map, I'll give you that. But the gameplay seems to be lacking a lot. Maybe its just not my style of play, but it seemed to get old after the first few minutes. Good to look around in though.
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