Mouldy Old Bastard
Mouldy Old Bastard by Tigger-oN

Yet another level by me. This one has a custom, simple, minimal texture set and almost no architectural details.

Mouldy has been design to perform best under the CPM mod and includes the Green Armour. There are also a few custom sounds that will only be heard under CPM as well.

The item layout is thanks to swelt and iX (as well as a heap of great feedback). Some major architectural layout changes over the beta versions took place thanks to Mikey (and others) from Burial Grounds. A heap of other people have had input into this map, so I feel it is a very community release.

With this in mind I am also releasing the map file under the ..::LvL Open Game Source License.

Thanks heaps everyone and I hope you enjoy Mouldy Old Bastard.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (51 votes)

Download: Mouldy Old Bastard by Tigger-oN