CTF Cinnamon Toast
CTF Cinnamon Toast by SomeRhino

This level is living proof that fine architecture and shader-intensive aesthetics are not essential to building a fun map. Simple but effective is how I'd describe it: two castles oppose each other across a moat, and each one can be breached either frontally, from above or via a water pipe, where a Regen and RA are found. Two launch pads on the upper level fling you across to the enemy castle, one of them through a window and into the water pipe. There is also a moving bridge across the moat, which the bots tend to avoid. The really fun gimmick in this map though is the 'Frag Pipe'-style water trap. Shoot the button on the bottom of the moat, and watch anyone swimming get toasted. Yummy. (One small flaw: no clipping at either end of the moat means you can get across at the bottom of the wall.) The bots have a great time, though they have problems in the water areas (as usual), and tend to use the launch pads to cross the map. There's a trick jump required from the RL bounce-pad to get the goodies high up on the girders.

SomeRhino says this is his "first (and probably last) attempt" at Q3A mapping, which is shame since this map shows potential. The only real glitch is a lack of any clipping. Fast and furious action combined with very high FPS would make this an ideal LAN party map.

Reviewed by seremtan

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (12 votes)

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