The Shield Generator
The Shield Generator by guile09

This is the second instalment of guile09's DM series and was named PlanetQuake level of the week in July. This is a freezing cold techno themed thriller that plays at break-neck speeds. The texturing is spot on and makes excellent use of the evil8 texture set. The author went out of his way to add depth to the level, along with a tremendous amount of detail. The fact that this detail does not affect gameplay is even more impressive. The blue pipes under the glass floor and the shield generators on the ceiling are excellent examples of this.

This map also features multiple teleporters, each working in both directions. This creates some amazing gameplay scenarios and keeps you on your toes. Not only do you have to know where your opponent is, but where he can be, should he teleport.

The weapon placement is balanced and there's even a red armor jump for you pros out there. The layout is very space efficient and is made up of three different levels. This map plays best 1v1, as four player Deathmatch can get hectic. Bots play well, but this map needs to be played against an intelligent opponent to be appreciated. As pretty as it is, it plays even better. Techno never tasted this good!

Don't miss out on this techno masterpiece.

Reviewed by Rahkus

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (33 votes)

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