by Rota
Marilyn by Rota

Marilyn is a map which is set in a cavern of rock, with waterfalls falling into pools from open areas where you can see the sky above. Trails move through corridors which have many different plants in the ground which are from Nathan Silvers, and many different sounds from the waterfalls and other various sounds like flies and other things. There are native sounds along with some carvings in the wall, which give it an ancient atmosphere.

The waterfalls have amazing details, even down to a mist created at the bottom of each of the falls which make it look pretty real. The rock with curves and edges to fall are very well done. There are some small pools, and puddles which are along the metal walkways. Those walkways mixed in with the environment gives the map a futuristic feel working it's way into the past.

When I first loaded this map up, my jaw dropped pretty much at first, as it is quite impressive to look at. There are not many mappers that make maps like this.

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