CUBEdotMAP by DaEngineer

Not your typical map. Inspired by a sci-fi movie called Cube, here's a good idea for fans of different maps that could have been a lot better with a proper set of textures that fit the concept, or at least that fit the way it is translated into the Quake 3 engine.

The map itself is comprised of 11 rooms or cubes, they all look the same but they have got different colours depending on the items inside. If you are in the lower cubes you can use the jump pads to go to the upper ones, if you are in the upper cubes you will find out that the jump pads are actually doors that open up so you can go down, and the same idea is used to go to the cubes that are on the same level. To reach a "door" you just have to walk to the wall and keep walking because the light tubes on the walls are the "ladders".

Surprisingly, bots find their way in and out the cubes pretty well, although sometimes it takes them a few tries to go through the doors.

Definitely, it is a concept that you should try if you like the "different" (non traditional) kind of maps, and you will have fun for a while; but unfortunately the lack of a proper design (bigger rooms, better texture choice) kill off the concept.

Reviewed by GuitarMan

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (24 votes)

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