Interstellar Waltz
by acid
Interstellar Waltz by acid

Interstellar Waltz is based in a small abandoned warehouse which has been given an industrial themed.

The first time I played the map, I thought to myself "looks quite boring and I doubt that bot play is going to be any good" but I was very wrong. Bots play amazingly well and are quite tough in Hurt Me Plenty mode. If your a newbie or not confident enough to face tough bots, I would suggest to drop it down a skill level.

If your looking for a good 1v1 match, I suggest adding Bones in the map since he is pretty tough with the Shot Gun and he also does some surprise attacks so watch out for him. The maximum bots I would say this map needs is 2-4 bots. With 4 bots, a lot of chaos is caused and if you add more than 4, the place gets to crammed up and does start lagging a little. Also it is a small map so it would not be very sensible adding more than 4 bots :)

I've also noticed that acid has used Hourences Pitores texture set for his map since the industrial themed reminded me of one of Hourences's map. Brushwork is pretty good and amazingly has used 1138 brushes! So thumbs up for that acid.

Item placement was as good as ever but the MegaHealth was put in the totally wrong place. Acid placed the MegaHealth on Ground Floor which is easily equipped by anyone at any time so I suggest on placing it in the air so you could jump and obtain it or since it is a small map, hide it and find it yourselves.

Yet again acid has created a wonderful map so I'm saying Download this map Now!

Reviewed by FragTastic

Tigs notes: I have to disagree with FragTastic about the MegaHealth placement. I believe it is well positioned for Tourney and 3 player DM games.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (9 votes)

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