Murder of a King
Murder of a King by Drazsé
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sedawkgrep Rep. 228
#6   12 May 2024
Just played for the first time. 1v1 ended after a 20-minute timelimit. Score 7-6, damage 5100/4900. Completely bonkers from start to finish. We loved it.
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AEon Rep. 780
#5   25 Aug 2009
Interesting 1on1 map.
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OrioN unregistered
#4   03 Apr 2003
One of the nicest QW maps! GG Drazsé :D
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The Hubster unregistered
#3   31 Mar 2003
A nice effort which I gave a 7.

I can see big influences from ztn3dm1 in this map (see the MH room for eg).

However, the one gripe I have with this map is its scale... simply too large for my own taste, but others may dig it a lot... Nevertheless, a solid release. Good job!

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p4ngo unregistered
#2   30 Mar 2003
I agree, but it is sooo ugly.

with different textures it would have become a keeper for me.

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wviperw unregistered
#1   29 Mar 2003
IMO, this is one SWEET playing tourney map. Sure its a little linear and big in places, but I think that actually makes this map better.
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