The Place Of Many Deaths CTF - Extended
The Place Of Many Deaths CTF - Extended by sst13
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Moonchild unregistered
#2   11 Apr 2024
The ideas you put into all of your re-mixes are fantastic man! Keep up the great work, really appreciate the time you put into them!
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Geniraul Rep. 1464
#1   25 Nov 2023
@sst13 I truly admire your skill of taking classic maps and making them not worse than the original, especially considering that sometimes they're even adapted to other gampe types, like CTF or experimental. Remakes of Q3TOURNEY1, Q3DM6, Q1E1M7, Q1DM6 and now this map — the CTF version of Q3DM4.

The Place of Many Deaths' layout is more than recognizable and well improved here. The lighting is properly executed too, and serves as a landmark showing which base — blue or red — the player is closer to at the moment. The jump pads and ledges with LG, RG and GL they lead to are well placed, moreover navigation through the entire map is easy enough thanks to various twists and arcs, jump pads, staircases and teleporters, which at some point reminds me of 13POWER. This way diffenet parts of the map are connected to each other and allow for some great movement, at that the level seems diversified both technically and in terms of gameplay verticality.

All the weapons are present and their placement, just like the placement of the appropriate ammunition for them, makes sense and doesn't let for players' arsenal to run out, since all the items are carefully spread around the map.

Maybe some even more architectural elements and intriguing techiques would make this level even better, but other than that, this map is an absolute keeper and really worth playing on regular basis! Congratulations on the relaese!

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