Blighted Nile

Jamdm1 - Blighted Nile - Quake 3 Release

(Jameson Deathmatch One)

Author Names: Jam/Jameson/llanstoloq
Real Name: James Jameson
Email: **email removed**
Date: 04/12/2023 (Quake 3 Release)
30/04/2023 (Quake Live Release)


Map Info

Duel: Yes (jamdm1)
Deathmatch: Yes (jamdmq1)
Team Deathmatch: Yes (jamdmq1) Ideal for 2v2

Player Spawns: 16
Disabled: Railgun, Heavy Machinegun
Bot support: Yes
Ambient sounds: Yes

Slipgates: 2
Yellow Armour: 2
Red Armour: 1
Mega Health: 1
Rail: None
Quad: jamdmq1


Place jamdm1.pk3 into /baseq3/
Start Q3
press ~
Type "/map jamdm1" (intended for duel)
Type "/map jamdmq1" (deathmatch/ffa with quad)


Q3 - Models & Textures
QL Sinister - Decal icons and orange flare
Sock - Egyptsoc pack
Victor "DaEngineer" Karp's - Shibam's Palm tree, wood & rug textures
sfx2 - slipgate texture

Apologies if I missed anything


Editor: Net Radiant Custom 1.6
Programs: Notepad++
Photoshop 2022/23
Bugs: None known
baseq3: Devotion
Build Time: QL Build - about a year of working on it casually
Q3 conversion - about 8 months after the QL build.

Would've been much sooner but ran into many hurdles, from the editor
just flat out not accepting any default quake 3 textures after multiple
re-installs of the game and editor, to conflicting shader files when you
thought you re-directed the textures properly. I was determined to add
the sinister decal icons as they were the most faulty texture to deal with.

Big thanks to

Spike - For Helping me port this to Quake 3 (They spent 4 hours getting the acid texture to work)
Fossil - For Giving me the initial idea
Coolface - For playtesting and feedback
Dan - For playtesting and feedback
Aug - - For playtesting and feedback
cityy - For the easy to understand tutorials


Source files included


Abridged Story

This is my first Id tech 3 map. Began early last year with the intention of
making a duel map. Spoke to a friend about how Lostworld could be changed
to introduce more counter play positions in duels and less traps and sneaking
around. Started blocking out the lighting gun room and gave it a slipgate.
Though you wouldn't know it, this map is basically a backwards version of lostworld
with a few different layout and item position changes. Two of the biggest being
the touch doors and slipgates.

Converted from QL to Q3. QL version has a silver key that opens mega door.
Q3 has a generic touch door. Both have no rail


You may use the .map files to build new levels

Copyright (c) 2023 James Jameson
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

Main Map Story (Waffle)

(Wasn't going to add this originally since I wrote this a long time ago but Spike convinced me to)

Blighted Nile is my first voyage into making
maps for Quake 3/Quake Live. Features a techno
Egyptian theme with a key. Intended for duels &
2v2 team deathmatch.

The aesthetics of the map are inspired by the
Egyptian levels of Hot Wheels: World Race 2003.
Since people like to tribute songs to their maps.
Xxtarlit⚸'s Fantazumu track helped me to conceptualize
the techno Egyptian theme I was looking for. Barron
dunes, floating pyramids, no sign of people, just
the sound of devilish wind and a forgotten empire
was the theme I wanted.

I was introduced to the Quake For Newbies Discord
around this time last year by a friend named
Fossil after we met in the Open Fortress Discord.
I didn't have any hours in Quake Live at
this time but I played a few duels with the folks
on there and really enjoyed my time. Though I was
quite bad haha.

I noticed I played the map Lost World quite a lot
with people; Fossil gave me the idea of editing
it for 1v1 play, which lead onto a lengthy
discord call about what we would both change.

We started with the lightning gun room. There's only
2 exits to that room which can easily be camped
from outdoors. Not to mention the room is divided
by a large cube, leading to some awkward fights.

A third way of entering the room would help bring counter play
to a disadvantageous position. A second teleporter leading into
and out of the room has helped to end stalemates when playtesting
in duels.

The biggest and unorthodox change was the addition
of the silver key (QL). It leads to a locked door lit by
blue lights and right behind that door is the mega
health. There's also a longer way of getting to mega,
however players can get trapped easily when their
opponent follows then in. Almost like a jail cell.
The sand at the bottom of the pit uses a cushion brush
for silent falls.

The red armour and mega health are at the opposite
ends of the map, while the yellow armours are more
central or out of the way. 6 armour shards are purposefully
placed for sneaking players in the corridors.
There are 2 rocket launchers on the map. To make things more fair
in my opinion. Keeping with the Lost World theme there's no rail.
Lightning gun is meant to punish players on the bridge. Grenade launcher
has a few spam locations. Plasma gun is like a budget lightning gun.
The shotgun is for when you have no rocket launcher. The cess gun can help
open the shutter doors for a quick peak near mega from the bridge.
Blighted Nile was made completely from scratch after watching a few of
cityy's tutorials. I also used Worldspawn's Q3A tutorials to familiarise
myself with radiant. It's also where I got sock's Egypt pack from.
The layout is like an inverted and reversed version of lostworld.

Since then the map has featured in the first Quake for Newbies custom duel
maps tourney that was held earlier this year on QL. Safe to say this map got banned
a lot because that version is more unorthadox with a key and no rail.

Generally when I've spoke to people in the community the first thing they point out
is the big floaty pyramids, also that it was easy to familiarise yourself with the layout quite fast.
I think the reception to this map has been positive overall with detail being the main focus of feedback
for people. I added a quad version of the map when people suggested it could be good for 2v2s.


At this point I don't think there are any bugs left and I won't be updating this at all as I consider
this final. If I release jamdm2 It won't have a lengthy story like this, there was a lot of history
to this map that I felt needed to be added. Overall not bad for a first map.

Again thanks to everyone who play tested and gave input on the map