Blighted Nile
Blighted Nile by Jameson

Highly polished and contemporary release with top tier gameplay. Layout wise, the release lifts a lot of from Lost World (Q3DM13) and then improves on it. The Egyptian texture set and fantasy Sci-Fi theme sound like they would clash, instead they work together to solidify everything.

When you realise this is a first release map, everything gets pushed up a notch further!

Like Lost World, no Rail Gun can be found, but the map does come in two versions; one with Quad, one without. The non-Quad version is intended for Tourney matches. Item layout is well done to keep the gameplay moving. There are a few human only shortcuts throughout the map, but Jameson has include an alternative, slower route for most of them. The only nit-pick is the Armour's are a little easy to run.

Bots play well thanks to the alternative routes for the shortcuts. Personally, I found adding an extra bot made 4 player DM games pretty much perfect. Swapping Crash for almost any other bot made me even happier.

If you are after a heap more details, check the readme.

Set aside some time and play this map as soon as possible.

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: Blighted Nile by Jameson