Knowing that VELOCITY SHIFT is billed as a CPMA / DeFRaG Team DM release helps to set the tone before you spawn.

Visually this is a very clean Sci-Fi environment dressed in a few textures, highlights and shader effects. All working perfectly to create a very pleasant release and game space.

Physically a tight, symmetrical space map with lots of options to fall to your death. There are a number of jumppads that you fall to that will get you around the map quickly. Nice idea and fun, but the cramped space means you need to be careful of your location and your target otherwise you will be in the void (again).

Small glass ledges are placed around a few of the walls for advance navigation and movement. Many of these come with danger if you miss.

Lack of a bot file means you will be needing a friend or 3 before the real fun starts. This is a shame on such a game play focused and visually strong release.

Looks really good and very promising for a level that was originally release in 2009.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (2 votes)

Download: VELOCITY SHIFT by Rynvord