Schism by Spike

Excellent visuals and gameplay make this Egyptian textured release well worth downloading.

The default bot load of 5 leads to chaos in very fast DM games. Even with the tight, well connected spaces, there is a strong focus around the main arena with the MegaHealth and side room with the Rocket Launcher and stairs. Strong, key items like the Red Armour and Lightning Gun are not enough to pull the majority of gameplay away with a heavy player load. Dropping the bot count back to 3 leads to living longer and working more of the map.

The item layout is very suited to human players. Simple tricks or planing is required to reach one of the two Yellow Armours, the Red Armour and the Rail Gun, something the bots seem to struggle with. Do not let this criticism get in your way of trying this map. It is an enjoyable level from the moment you spawn with a lot of other amazing features.

Well made, strong gameplay focused release with great visuals - grab it now!

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Schism by Spike