New Disease
New Disease by Spike

Tight, fast CTF release that is suitable for 1vs1 to 3vs3 matches. 3 aside might be a little too cramped - that is how compact this release is. 10 second captures are possible.

Items are well arranged. From any spawn point you can pick-up a weapon within moments. Health and armour is balanced.

The most interesting part was discovering all the different paths between the bases. There are so many combinations. You can start down one track and then simply change your mind at any time. You do not need to commit to anything. A few carefully positioned ledges will reward well timed jumps - always a bonus.

The theme is consistent, just feels a little rushed, a little unpolished. The ceiling is also very low. More height would have been nice, even if it was just for visuals. Spending some time on another art pass would have been beneficial.

Loading up a few bots can be fun. Finding a mate or two will lead to smiles.

The amazing connectivity is what really makes this map shine.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (2 votes)

Download: New Disease by Spike