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New Disease by Spike
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Spike Rep. 464
#4   30 Mar 2024
@fed402 Thanks! I have actually made a q2 dm map for the remaster before, so if you're over on Map-Center (the reboot) or look for the q2r dm map jam online you can check that out too. I do intend on doing more q2 mp and sp content so keep an eye out if thats ur thing.
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Tig Rep. 1712
#3   30 Mar 2024
@fed402 : Regarding the top down screenshots:
  • devmap <bsp>
  • r_fastsky 0
  • cg_fov 10
  • timescale 10
  • noclip
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fed402 Rep. 40
#2   29 Mar 2024
I like your experimental lighting and texturing. The lighting is all rather harsh, which is suprisingly cool to look at. The layout and theme of all your maps resemble something more of a base map, or a Quake 2 DM map, but are instead fitted with gothic textures, which looks pretty cool.
Extra question:
How do you do the top down view like how it is done in the pictures connected?
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Spike Rep. 464
#1   08 Mar 2024
Once again, another speedmap from me. Had a lot of fun building this and I agree with the critisicm in the review! More height on the ceilings wouldnt have made much difference gameplay wise but would make it a much more comfortable environment to play about in. This map was tuned for 2v2, and is also known as devoctf2 (its included wth the mod). I toyed with the idea of slow moving doors in front of the flag to encourage teammates (or yourself, if you go via the ya > rail and shoot the door ahead of you) to set up and open routes ahead of time. Whether this made it into this release I cannot remember. If it hasnt, and someone would like it to be available, i can make that happen.
Thanks again to you lovely people on LvLWorld!
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