Temple of Death
by Hobs
Temple of Death by Hobs
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sedawkgrep Rep. 349
#2   05 Apr 2024
Spot-on review and comment. This is one of our favorite maps 1v1.
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Geniraul Rep. 1476
#1   11 Mar 2024
I think the first paragraph in the review is truly spot on — it summarises it well. When I first saw the levelshot in the .pk3 archive, I wasn't expecting too much from this map, but then I came to the realisation that it's actually quite a fun level to play, preferably with 3 participants of the match, and that's even despite HOBS' rather modest visual design!

There are some maps whose main advantage is the gameplay, and I think this is one of those. I just wish there were more jump pads, but it's still very fun to collect various items while jump-climbing differently shaped platforms, and it can be especially fun to practice some occasional tightrope walking, which, I think, is a gimmick of the level :}

The fact that the map manages to feature all the regular weapons and skillfully distribute them over such a limited space does not leave me indifferent either. Kudos to Hobs for making this level unique in its own way! 👍

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