Temple of Death
by Hobs
Temple of Death by Hobs

Don't judge a book by its cover comes to mind after playing a number of very fun 3 player Deathmatches on this release.

The brushwork and structure is basically a box. The textures are stretched or repetitive. Lighting is unexciting. There is a crazy amount of health and armour for the map size.

Originally made for the 2^10u map contest (2002) and included in the pack release. For the map competition, the objective was to make a map that was a maximum of 1024 game units square. That explains the box part. The rest was up to the Author.

From the ground, a raised ledge runs along most of one wall, with the Combat Armour. A jump pad appears to be for access, but it is not. Instead, the jump pad will launch you over the raised section up to another launch point that will take you all the way to the centre platform and Rail Gun. From there you can tightrope walk to a higher, dark recess ledge. You can also jump to one of the other platforms along the walls that hold either the MegaHealth or the Heavy Armour.

Thanks to openness, there are no issues with Bots. They are perfect for helping with your aiming on this map.

Pretty simple stuff really. That is the strength of this map. Easy to understand open layout which is great for the always rewarding mid-air frags. Ideal for practising your aim.

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (3 votes)

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