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..::LvL relies on player submitted reviews. If you have the skills or desire to write a level review, we have the place for you to publish it. Here is what you need to do.

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Review guide and notes

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Some examples

Below are two real world examples;

NOTE: You can use HTML tags in your review if you like. If you wish to include a link to a site and you do not know HTML, use the [LINK http://some.site]link text[/LINK] syntax and it will be fixed up later.

Offworld by [Kona] - (Tourney/FFA - 2/4 Players) - alkdm12.zip A great looking map which realises the full potential of the [LINK http://tarot.telefragged.com]HH3[/LINK] Clockwork Droid texture set. The lighting is also superb, and the impressive atmosphere is finished off by a good choice of ambient sounds. The layout is tight, with a high level of connectivity that means that tourney or 3-4 player ffa games are fast paced and exciting without ever being overwhelming. The item placement feels spot on, and there is even a secret to be found if you look hard enough. Bots play the level well, and games against bots are almost as enjoyable as human only games. This one should be in everyone's map collection. Reviewed by Juz

And another sample

Dracula by Priv - (FFA - 4/8 Players) - dracula.zip A large castle map with solid architecture and a convincing atmosphere. In places the map looks impressive, with some great texturing and subtle lighting. However, other areas feel rushed and would have benefited from more work on the lighting and brushwork. There are also some missing textures, and high r_speeds mean that there will be a noticeable performance hit on all but the fastest computers. The central courtyard is the focus for the map, with the other areas remaining quiet for the most part. Consequently, the game play is repetitive and becomes boring after a few rounds. Game flow is also disrupted by overly narrow corridors and a lack of clipping. Bots do fine. Fun for a few rounds only. Reviewed by Juz

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